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cherry blossoms Cherry Hill Baptist Church - The House of Friendship
Our Beliefs

Our Basic Beliefs

We Are American Baptist. We affirm that God, through Jesus Christ, calls us to be:

A Redeemed People

  • Who claim personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ
  • Who gather regularly to praise God
  • Who follow the Lord in believer's baptism
  • Who share the meal of the kingdom known as the Lord's Supper

A Biblical People

  • Who affirm the centrality of Scripture in our lives
  • Who pursue the study of God's inspired Word as a mandate for faith and practice
  • Who seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the understanding of Scripture, while respecting the common interpretation of Scripture within the community of believers.

 A Mission People

  • Who strive to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples
  • Who invite persons to receive salvation and follow Christ
  • Who engage in educational, social and health ministries
  • Who seek justice for all persons
  • Who provide prayer and financial support to sustain a worldwide mission outreach.

An Inclusive People

  • Who, gifted by a variety of backgrounds, find unity in diversity and diversity in unity;
  • Who embrace a pluralism of race ethnicity and gender
  • Who acknowledge that there are individual differences of conviction and theology

Our Core Values

We are a congregation that values tradition. We honor the spiritual disciplines and worship practices that have guided the Christian tradition for centuries. At the same time we are continually open to new ways of approaching God in worship and engaging our community in ministry.

Cherry Hill Baptist Church was founded as the 'House of Friendship'. This title holds great significance for us and emphasizes our commitment to being a caring and supportive fellowship of believers.

We are committed to the acceptance of all who seek to engage us in fellowship. We do not requite submission to a specific belief or doctrinal statement. We meet each person where they are in their faith walk, encouraging and ever-deepening commitment to Christ and Christian fellowship.

Our congregation has a strong tradition of mission outreach. We advance the cause of missions internationally, nationally, and locally.

Our congregation practices intentional and responsible stewardship . We are committed to careful management and investment of the time, talent and resources that God has entrusted to us.



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